Our Products

The XR-PRO Series is in a league of its own with features like a direct link data port (dldp), output overload protection system (oops) and an intelligent auto tach / tachless learning system (ultra-tach). this advanced system offers numerous programmable outputs, allowing the system to satisfy even the most demanding custom applications. The PRO-Series 2-way is simply the best overall series of remote starters and alarms available anywhere.

Product Pages

  • Alarms & Keyless Entry
    Ultra Start's Alarms and Keyless Entry units are advanced, reliable and very easy to use. Each system provides excellent convenience & protection for your vehicle at an affordable price.
  • Remote Starters

    The XR-PRO Series features an industry leading bullet-proof style metal remote with Ultra Start's advanced extreme range technology (XR Models). The XR-PRO Series is in a league of its own.

  • 2way Starters

    One of the most exclusive 2-way remote’s available on the market. with its unique LCD display and metal casing looks as good as it works. it is easy to operate, offers exceptional operating range (up to 1 mile*).

  • GPS Tracking

    With Ultra's tracking solution you can track your vehicle from anywhere, you can also use our smart phone app on your to control the remote start and keyless entry features.

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