2way Remote Car Starters

Ultra Start 2way starters boast one of the most exclusive 2-way remote’s available on the market. This remote with its unique LCD display and metal casing looks as good as it works. It is easy to operate and offers exceptional operating range. The remote displays a host of features to let you know the status of your vehicle. The XR-PRO 2way has an advanced noise immunity system for busy urban areas and a temperature compensation system (tcs) to provide consistent range from below - 40f to above +180f. The XR-PRO Series is in a league of its own with features like a direct link data port (dldp), output overload protection system (oops) and an intelligent auto tach / tachless learning system (ultra-tach). this advanced system offers numerous programmable outputs, allowing the system to satisfy even the most demanding custom applications.



The 4295LCD-XR PRO-Series alarm/remote starter features an industry leading LCD 2way remote. It's in a league of its own with features like 2way confirmation, direct link data port, output overload protection and an intelligent auto tach /tachless learning system.

Feature Sheet- Click Here to Download


Remote Start / Engine Idle Mode / Cold Start Mode / Power Door Lock Output / Power Door Unlock Output / Power Trunk Release Output / Negative Start Output / 2 AUX Outputs / Horn Honk Output / Park Light Output / Starter Disable Output / Dome Light Supervision Output / Drivers Door Priority Unlock Output/ Panic Mode / Car Finder / Ignition Auto Locks / Silent Lock and Unlock / Antenna Status LED

2way Features
Lock & Unlock Confimation / Trunk Release Confirmation / Remote Start Confirmation / Runtime Display / Time and Temperature Display / Panic Mode (Flashes LED Blue to Red)

Alarm Features
Antenna With LED and Built-In Program Switch / 6 Tone Soft Chirp Siren /

Dual Stage Digital Shock Sensor / Starter Disable Output / AUX Sensor Connector /

Remote Adjustable Sensor Settings / (+ / -) Door Trigger Inputs / Hood Input /

False Alarm Prevention System / Intelligent Self Diagnostics System



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